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Shape Shifter
Mixed Tunnel

Half and Half Race

Turbo Race

Giant Bonus 1

Mega Space Race

Giant Bonus 1

Giant Pro Tunnel Options

Reverse Bonus

Reverse Special

Breakout Sprint

Shape Cutters
Remember some of those classic paddle and ball games, such as Arkanoid, or Break-Out? Well, here at ConGames, We decided to take these classic paddle and ball genera games and Con it up a notch (BOOM!) Even if you loved these classic games, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Brick Buster turns this genera of games into a fast-paced, action-packed, arcade style game.
  • The first difference players might notice is that you control the ball not the paddles. Plus, as you are controlling your ball it will gain more maneuverability, and busting power.
  • Try not to lose your ball (easier said than done.) Because if you do lose your ball you will also lose half of your power, and maneuverability.
  • No need to worry if you lose your ball though. You can still go for the top 1-ball down time. Not to mention on a few levels you just might get that overall top time even if you do lose your ball.
  • Brick Buster is a game of speed. You have one goal and that is to destroy all the bricks as fast as you can. If you do it fast enough then you get to make it on the Top 10 list.
  • While Brick Buster might seem fairly simple at first glance, there is still quite an amount of skill involved. You must master the fine balancing act of knowing when to bounce your ball around to destroy bricks, or going back down to the paddles to get an extra power boost. Plus you have to be sure and not leave too many bricks up high, or down low. You need to find that right balance for each level if you want to master it.
  • One of the most time consuming parts of the level can be garbage clean-up. The art of cleaning up those final blocks can be a little tricky to get the hang of. But more likely than not, garbage clean-up will determine if you make that top 10 list.
  • If you want an even bigger challenge then take your shot at the Brick Buster Convoy. In this game mode you have to play every level, and you have limited restarts. So in the Convoy every time counts, so make every level count.
  • With Brick Buster anything goes. If you don't like the way a level is going just restart it (ctrl-R), or you can just move on to another level.
  • If you just can't figure out how to get those fast times then you can always look at the replay by clicking on any time in the options screen.

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