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Shape Shifter
House Neighborhood


Klingon Bird Of Prey

Mega S Shape

Early Robot


House Demolition

Pyramid Alley

Brick Buster Columns

Brick Buster Men

Level Editor
The Level Detail is just another one of the hundreds of little features in Arcade Convoy. This is used to manipulate just about every aspect of the levels. From which picture to show to how fast the sky moves and everything in between.

On the right is the level editor. It is used to help you make your own level, it lets you set the position, width, height and scrolling offsets.
  • The left is the level detail
  • The right is the level editor
  • Click hide to hide the box so you can see all of the level
  • Click and drag any of the boxes so you can always see what you need to
  • Change the frame rate limiter from the top left of level detail box

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