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Shape Shifter
Mixed Tunnel

Giant Mega Tunnel

Mega Breakout

Breakout Sprint

Reverse Pro Bonus

Giant Mixed Race

Giant Tunnel Options

Reverse Double

Giant Space Race

Giant Bonus 1

Cleanup Options
In Cleanup Rotolines players must try to clear all the orange cradles from the arena. In Cleanup mode you start with an average amount of colors, which will slowly increase over time. In Cleanup Mode you get a new arena every time you clear all the orange cradles from the game arena.

RotoLines is a clever little colors game. Your goal is to clear as many cradles as you can by matching as many of the 4 different colors on each cradle. You accomplish this by rotating the colors around your cradle.
  • Be on the look out for the neutral white color, this can really help you out.
  • You must match 3 or more colors to trigger an explosion. However if you explode the blue chain-reaction craddle, then you can destroy many more cradles.
  • As you land more cradles, your speed will increase, and more colors will be added to the mix.
  • Try hitting your swap button(default Space Bar). This is quit useful because it will swap you color lines.

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