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Arcade Convoy Revelation Arcade Convoy Revelation is the ultimate version of Arcade Convoy with every feature, option and art work added to this 100 mb version.
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Kings Playing home to the best arcade style games you can download or buy. Arcade Convoy is in for some big changes; including the remake of Arcade Convoy into 3D, but don't worry we wont forget our 2D fans. Be sure to check the Arcade Convoy Development page to see the progress of Arcade Convoy3D, and our new Game A Dogs Life featuring Ivy, in which all of the proceeds will go towards the research and treatment of cancer in your pets. And you can even put your input on how the game should be made, you can even test the new version for us.
In honor of my wonderful dog Ivy we made this remake of Arcade Convoy to try and raise some funds for Cancer treatment and our new game A Dogs Life. We have spent the last 7 months overhauling Arcade Convoy, adding every tool, feature and game that we could into one ultimate game Arcade Convoy Revelation. If you would like some information on what Arcade Convoy is and what is new in Arcade Convoy Revelation then just look around the site I think most of the important features are mentioned.

We know times are tough that is why we are letting you decide how much you want to pay for Arcade Convoy Revelation and remember we donate waht we can to cancer research. We need your help, and millions of our pets need your help. With your support we can turn ConGames into a top game company. And help ease the pain and suffering in millions of pets and owners. And all you have to do is make a donation in any amount that you want and not only will you help fight cancer you will get a fun game also.

Now a little bit about Arcade Convoy. We have already got a cease and desist letter from the Tetris Company. But I am insulted that they even consider our game to be like there crummy Tetris game. I really got mad that they were insisting that we take our game offline. So to stick it to them I spent months making our Shape Shifter even better and improving all of the other games. Shape Shifter was already the best tetris game online, but now it really is the best tetris game on line by far.

Shape Shifter was our very first project and if the Tetris Company (Blue Planet Software) is afraid of this version then they will really hate our next version of Shape Shifter. Even though we already have over 60 Shape Shifter game types. We have tons of other ideas to improve on Tetris, not to mention all the other games in Arcade Convoy.

We can especially do this with your help and support. If you would like to help us and help fight cancer in your pets just make a donation and half of the proceeds will go to the research and treatment of cancer and the other half will go towards the making of a game in her honor A Dogs Life with all of the proceeds going towards cancer research. In return we will let you download Arcade Convoy Revelation, just fill out any amount bellow that you want, and you can pay through the trusted site of Or PayPal, they handle all of the data so it is extremely safe, as safe as buying something on amazon, in fact there is no difference. And PayPal is one of the most trusted merchant web sites their is.

You will be able to download the game immediately after making your payment. Plus any donation will let you become a member of our web site. As a member of our web site, you will be entitled to download any of our other games, tools and levels for Arcade Convoy Revelation. If you want more information about our different games, then just click your way thru our web site. Any picture you see is a screen shot of a different game or game type. So just click it and enjoy the picture and description.

Don't want to help us, or you can't help us now. Well you can still download and play Arcade Convoy and you will still get all of the new and advanced features. Just go to the Downloads Page

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