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Arcade Convoy Revelation Arcade Convoy Revelation is the ultimate version of Arcade Convoy with every feature, option and art work added to this 100 mb version.
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Shape Shifter

Assembly Blitz

Even Steven SpinOff


Give n Go


Give n Go Dog Pile



Road Block

Donate any money at all and become a member of Arcade Convoy. Download all full versions of Arcade Convoy. Including Arcade Convoy Revelation plus many more features. Just Click Here!
Download Arcade Convoy Revelation

Thank you for donating to Arcade Convoy if you have already donated money to ConGames and you want to download it again or you lost it just go to this page Download Arcade Convoy Revelation

So what do you get in the Arcade Convoy Revelation, well I will start naming every thing off.

Shape Shifter: Over 60 game types challenges and convoys. Dozens of cheats, close to a hundred different options and details to get Shape Shifter just how you want it. An all new level that will use every bit of processing power your cpu has including a all new particle system to really give it a unique feel. And best of all The level editor so you can make your very own levels. Plus we included every picture so you can customize the levels or make your own. Plus much much more like the ability to make your own shapes.

Brick Buster: Over 100 levels that keep the top 20 high times. All new graphics particles and effects for a real space feel. All new convoy mode were you race every level. A new replay system so you can see how that top time was gotten. And of course our level editor so you can make your own level or edit one of the included levels. Plus a detailed help system so anyone can use it.

Space Racer: We spent the most time on Space Racer for Arcade Convoy Revelation. We added hundreds of new objects and we changed it from 11 game types to over 50 game types including the new full screen races which really opens up the tracks. And a object editor so you can make your own object and races.

Cards/Virtual Deck: The virtual deck is one of the best new features for Arcade Convoy. It basically will let you play any card game you want in a matter of seconds. Plus there is over 40 pre made card games with the virtual deck plus we added to the original card games we already had made by making them better and adding a few like gin rummy.

All The Rest: There are just too many features to talk about in Arcade Convoy there are still hundreds of things I could talk about like the thousands of high scores that you can merge with other people, our cool scope pointer, plus i didn't even talk about all of the games like Roto Lines, Checkers, Dominos, TetriCon Poker and all the rest.

And all we ask for is for you to make a small donation to help support ConGames. We can't do it without you. Just pay what you think Arcade Convoy is worth. We know times are hard now so that is why we are not asking for $10 or even $20 like most crummy shareware games we are just asking you to pay what you can.

Just fill in the amount that you would like to pay and you will be taken the the Amazon Web Payment Service, where the transaction will take place. Everything is done on Amazons server, and Amazon is one of the leaders in online stores and payments so you can feel secure in knowing that all of your information will be safe. Nothing leaves there server not even we can get your information. Thank You for your support.

Once you make your payment you will be able to download the game immediately.

Giant Z Shape

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