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Arcade Convoy Revelation Arcade Convoy Revelation is the ultimate version of Arcade Convoy with every feature, option and art work added to this 100 mb version.
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Shape Shifter

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Welcome to all. Let the games begin, because you are about to download your very own version of Arcade Convoy. Of course, we would like to give a special welcome to our new members and direct them to their very own download page.

Members only

Now for the fist time ever you can download your favorite game in Arcade Convoy.You can now download Shape Shifter, Space Racer, Brick Buster and the Virtual Deck. And all games come with Roto Lines, Checkers and Dominos. If you woul like to dowload one of these games just click on one of the links bellow. Or of course you could make a donation of any amount and download Arcade Convoy Revelation and get all of these games in one convinent game, along with a few extras like more levels.

Click on one of the following links to download a game

Shape Shifter Space Racer Brick Buster Virtual Deck

Or get them all in Arcade Convoy Revelation plus a lof of other features just click the following link, all we ask is that you make a donation in any amount that you want.


Want to try Arcade Convoy Revelation before you buy it well then just click the following Link
Download Arcade Convoy Revelation

Thank you for downloading and playing Arcade Convoy
we hope you love it as much as we do. I will give you a short history on Arcade Convoy. It started in early 2000 with me and my brother wanting to learn how to make a computer game. We started with Shape Shifter and a few card games. Then we made a Space Racer and Brick Buster game. These were all fun games but a little basic. We knew that we needed to combine all these fun games into the Awesome game now known as Arcade Convoy.

With this in mind we started over from scratch by completely redoing all of the games. Our first addition was Shape Shifter. We added more shapes in the arena with you, made the challenges and convoys and added over 50 game types. Then we made over 10 Space Racer game types with hundreds of objects capable of creating an infinite number of tracks. Next came Brick Buster, we fine tuned the controls and made over 100 levels. After this, we decided to fancy up the card games and add a few more. Then just for good measure, we added checkers and Roto Lines. After that we just added every option, cheat and any other special feature we could think of to make Arcade Convoy unique.

We had finally combined all our game ideas into a very smooth, free flowing game. Our only draw back was that we had to cut the picture sizes, screen resolution and take out some of our features because computers at the time couldn't handel the full version of Arcade Convoy. It might be a 2D game but it has a lot of advanced features, A.I and graphics that needs a lot of computer processing power and video memory. Plus, we were trying to keep our download size down. But it was (and still is) a very cool game. Trust me when I say that we were not done yet. If you are a member then it is kind of fun to check out Arcade Convoy Retro. It is a very small, compact and efficient game.

Classic Arcade Convoy

So there our Arcade Convoy, at about 5MB, sat on the web for several years. We were just giving it away for free and we got a decent amount of downloads, but no donations. We then decided it was time for us to make a go at ConGames and we need your support. Instead of just asking for money we spent the last 7 months adding all of the features, art-work, levels, shapes and other games that we could not have added on our original version. Plus we added a ton more stuff, such as our virtual deck, new games like Dominos, completely redone levels for Shape Shifter, a pretty awesome particle engine and much more. Now we are going to put this 110 MB beast on-line for you. We still give it away for free, but now we also ask for our fans to donate whatever you feel is fair. It doesn't mater if it is $1 or $20. Any amount will help and if enough people donate we can start working on programming full time and hire some much needed artist and programmers. Plus I can quit waiting tables all the time.

Want to play Arcade Convoy the final version without donating anything? Well here it is, we just hope you keep in mind the thousands of hours we spent on this, how cool our game is, and how much better shape shifter is over any Tetris game ever made. Also, we want to start making more, even better games, and we need your support. This version has most of the new features like the virtual deck, new shape shifter levels, effects, and game types. Plus an all new Space Racer which now has full screen races, and get all this for free. The only thing we cut out was a lot of our level graphics to keep the size down (and we do have a lot of cool graphics). For everyone out there please enjoy our Arcade Convoy Revelation: The Final Cut. It is still our full game, but it still isn't the big boy simply known as Arcade Convoy Revelation.

Download Arcade Convoy Revelation

Want to really get the Arcade Convoy experience and help us out? Then Download Arcade Convoy Revelation. This is the ultimate version of Arcade Convoy, that includes everything. By everything I mean every game, option, un-lockable and pictures. You also get every tool we used to make the game; such as our level editor for Shape Shifter, Brick Buster, Space Racer. Of course, you will also get the Virtual Deck and the Virtual Deck Editor which will allow you to add your own rules and turn your card games into real computer games. Plus there is full help documentation in the game so making your own games or levels will be so easy that any one can do. I'd be remised if I didn't also mention that you can add your own shapes and pictures. Anything from your very own star scenes, new skies and eruptions to our level, or you can create whole new levels all your own. Plus, when you create your own Shape Shifter Shapes you will also be adding a whole new set of textures for the other games to use.

All we want is for you to make a small donation to help support ConGames. We have big plans for ConGames but we can't do it without your support. Just pay what you think Arcade Convoy is worth. If you donate you will also become a member of our web site. This will allow you to download any and all of our games, levels, shapes, and other new games we are working on. So don't hesitate, get into our game.


Aces High

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